AFCIs can protect your biggest investment

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Could electricity destroy your home?  It happens to nearly 51,000 homes in the U.S. annually. In fact, electrical fires cause $1.3 billion in structural damage. The good news is new innovations protect you and your home from common problems that cause fires.

AFCIs are a big ally when it comes to preventing house fires. Some ordinances do not require these nifty safety devices in the building codes, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider installing them anyways. Oklahoma City Metro homes would benefit from a local electrician installing AFCIs. 

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reported AFCIs have the potential to prevent more than half of all electrical fires each year.

The Basics

AFCI stands for Arc Fault Circuit interrupter.  An Arc Fault is an exchange of electricity from two different conductors. A glowing plasma discharge known as an arc is created by an electric current crossing an air gap from an energized component to a grounded component. For example, if a tree falls on power lines, it could result in an arc fault.

In your home, this can be two loose wires bumping up against each other. Overheated electronics or frayed wiring can also cause this problem.  It can happen anywhere you have electrical wires, and the exchange of energy results in heat that can catch wood, insulation and paneling on fire.

A normal circuit breaker is defenseless against this quick burst of energy.

You can install an AFCI on receptacles and circuit breakers to shut off the flow of electricity if it detects a potential arc fault.  

Key Benefits of AFCI

If protecting your home from a potential fire isn’t enough there are a few other key benefits of AFCIs.

  1. The AFCI can protect valuable electronics from irreparable damage.

  2. Additional protection in older homes can prevent common electrical problems resulting from age.

  3. AFCI could prevent personal injury or death.


Determining the best electrical safety equipment in your home is difficult. AFCI and GFCI outlets look nearly identical, but they offer protection from very different problems.

GFCI protects ground faults. They are great for areas that have more moisture like the bathroom or kitchen. AFCI outlets protect you from something entirely different - arc faults. AFCI is required for 15 to 20 amp branch circuits that provide power to an outlet.

An AFCI and GFCI can be used together to protect against both hazards.

Professional installation is a must

Installing AFCIs is complicated. If it is installed incorrectly it won’t work, and sometimes it will trip in unnecessary circumstances.

It is best to hire the professionals to install your AFCI. You'd want the best electrician in OKC on the job, and we offer extensive experience in these types of installations. A&P Homes Electric provides a variety of electrical services including the installation of these types of outlets.

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