Three quick tips to troubleshoot your broken ceiling fan

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You flipped the ceiling fan switch and nothing. Then, you pull both chains multiple times and still

. What’s next? 

Things break in your home, and sometimes it’s the ceiling fan.  There are a few troubleshooting steps you can take before running out to buy a new fixture or calling a professional.

Look for the simple solution.

It may seem silly, but look for the simple solutions first. If you usually pull the chains on the ceiling fan to turn on or off and you notice it isn’t working, it might just be you accidentally turned off the switch. Also, pull both chains twice with the switch on to determine if there is a problem with your fan. Finally, if the fan works, but the light doesn’t, it is likely you just need a new bulb. Check these before testing for more complicated issues.

Check the breaker panel.

Sometimes your ceiling fan will trip a breaker. In this scenario, it could be an old fan with deteriorated wiring, which means it might need repair or replacement. It might be an old dimmer switch arcing and causing the breaker trip, or it could be a new fan putting too much load on the circuit.

A tripped breaker is a symptom of a bigger problem. If you reset the breaker and turn it back on, but the breaker trips again when you turn the fan or light on, it might be time to call an expert to evaluate the wiring and find the culprit.

Does the wall switch have power?

If you have some electrical know how, you can determine if the wall switch has power with non-contact voltage tester. Otherwise, Call A&P Homes Electric at 405.326.6117 to help you finish the troubleshooting process.


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