Seven electrical safety tips for your spa

Electrical safety tips for a hot tub, Norman Electricity

The summer heat is behind us, and in a few short weeks trees will be full of bright oranges and yellows as the temperature cools off, and the best part about fall and winter is relaxing in a hot spa.

Electricity is a requirement, and without the proper precautions, you could increase the risk of electric shock near your spa. Here are a few ways to keep everyone safe.

  1. Install Ground-fault circuit interrupters (or GFCI outlets) if they are within 20 feet of your spa.

  2. Never locate an outlet within six feet of the spa.

  3. Use a GFCI outlet to power the pumps.

  4. Install circuit breakers, fuses within five feet of the spa. These should turn off all electricity to the spa in an emergency.

  5. Cover every outlet in the area to prevent water from entering the outlet.

  6. Never handle electrical devices around the spa while you are wet.

  7. Ask an area electrician in Norman or Oklahoma City to inspect the spa for any potential hazards.

Why GFCI outlets are so important

By now, we have recommended GFCI outlets several times to ensure safety, but what exactly makes these outlets a good choice?

GFCI outlets are usually in your bathroom, kitchen and garage. Basically, they exist anywhere the outlet is at risk of water entering the socket.

If there is a noticeable difference between the current leaving the circuit and the current entering the circuit, the GFCI will stop the flow of electricity to prevent electrocution.

Save on electricity

Just as much as you want to be safe, you probably want to keep your electric bills from increasing. A new spa means your electric bill might see a spike. There are some ways to keep your bill from spiking.

Use a thermal blanket when you are not in the water to reduce the energy consumption. Install a  wind break to prevent the water temperature from dropping. Strategically use settings to lower the temperature when you are not home or in the spa.

Hire a professional

If you are installing a spa, hire a professional electrician in Oklahoma City or Norman to equip the area with GFCI outlets.

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